Sunday, May 3, 2015

iNSD Blog Freebie

Happy iNSD!!!!! Have you had enough shopping and downloading freebies yet? Well, I'm just getting started. A couple of my favorite stores are having a huge sale and I'm so busy clicking! But of course I'm also posting my iNSD freebie for you all. Here are two templates that you can use to ease your scrapping. Happy iNSD!!!

Download here.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Everyday Quotes #2

Good afternoon :) I have a new freebie for you all. Everyday card #2 in 4x3 cards. I hope you can use it on your projects or layouts. Have a great day and Happy Scrapping!!!!

Download here.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Everyday Quotes #1

Hey there! I have something for you all today. I have compiled a few quotes that you can use for your pocket scrapping. I'm using these on my daughter's photobooks and now I'm sharing them with you. Happy scrapping :)

Download here.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

SSD January Bingo Challenge

While being busy finishing my daughter's 4th photobook, I'm also joining Sweet Shoppe Designs' January 2015 Bingo Challenge over at the forum. Here's a look at what you're going to do:

I haven't played bingo in my whole existence but I think this one is fun! Head over to Sweet Shoppe Designs' forum to join. Here's my first layout:

Happy scrapping!!! :)

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Happy New Year and a Tutorial

Happy New Year to all!!!

I hope you had a very good celebration of New Year. I had fun particularly, in taking photos of the fireworks from our neighbor. Yup. My neighbors and big fans of fireworks and firecrackers although my sweet daughter isn't. She stayed inside the house with an ear plug and ear muffs.

A few weeks ago I did some research on how to capture a really good pictures of fireworks. I found a couple of websites from pinterest. Here are a couple of my pictures:

There are works in progress, I have to do this again next January. Although I found a lot of recommended camera settings, this one is my fave:

ISO - 100
Aperture - f/8 or f/11
SS - 1/2

The things you have to remember in photographing fireworks are:
1. You need a tripod. Since this is a long exposure photographs, having a steady place and holder for your came is important.
2. Find a good place to photograph fireworks. See mine? I didn't have the right place actually. I was so engrossed at looking at the fireworks that these photos were just "oh yeah I should take a picture of that" thing.
3. Shutter remote is optional but having one would be great.
4. Practice makes perfect. I'm gonna do this next January for perfection :)

We also tried doing the letters using sparklers, but they're blurry and the background isn't neat so I'm gonna skip posting that one, but I'll make sure to include them next time :)

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Christmas and a Layout

Happy Christmas everyone!!!

How have ya'll been with your Christmas celebration? Well I had a very busy and tiring Christmas eve and Christmas day. We have this tradition which I was doing ever since I was a little girl with my family which I also do with my own family (ayayay). We wake up at 12 midnight to open presents, take photos by the Christmas tree and eat our noche buena. It's really fun especially when you see your kid/s reaction when they open their gifts. I so love it.

Anyway, here's a layout I was able to make today and have uploaded at digishoptalk. I just love this one. The words came from the internet by the way. I made this using Time Flies by Julie Billingsley and Meghan Mullens. The Alpha number is from the kit Noel by Just So Scrappy.

I'll see you again sometime this week. I'm a busy big girl right ow because I'm attending a driving lesson. Yay for me! Teehee. I'm not that excited you know. But I'm definitely nailing this 20kph *wink*

Happy Scrapping!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Picturebooks Review

Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing alright with all the Christmas rush and the fact that it's only 7 (seven) days before Christmas.

While everyone is doing some rush Christmas shopping which I did in late November so I wouldn't experience the stress (haha), I realized that the photobook/s I'm doing right now would be my 5th and 6th. And yet I haven't posted any review about the company where I print them. So, here it goes.

I'm giving it a 2.5 - 3 star rating. Why? Simply because I just like it. Like, not love, because I have no other choice. But if you're going to tell me about Persnickety Prints, Photobook Philippines, Artscow,  or shutterfly, well then I guess I do have options. I haven't experience ordering at Persnickety yet. And I really really want to. For Photobook Philippines, I don't know if I am to categorize them as pricey or what although I think they  have a good deal. You see, according to their website, their 8x8 for imagewrap is 3,250php [almost $74] (with minimum of 40 and maximum of 300 page). I only fall on 95-98 pages for my photobook. And if I am to go to Photobook Philippines, I would still have to pay the 3,250php, unless I'm gonna maximize my book up to 300 (with what else?). Unlike with Picturebooks, their 8x8 30 pages is only 1,495php ($34) and 120php ($2.72) for every additional 4 pages.

But take a look at their downloadable software which is also the software they use when you bring your layouts at their mall kiosk.

Here, you can see that you have to drag your layouts on their designated pages after choosing the layout size. Here is mine on an 8x8 canvas.

And then, you will need to drag each layouts from the left to each block or pages.

Take note that I (or if I'm at the mall, the sales' lady) will have to expand my layout all the way to the middle or center bleed (or whatever that is called).

But what if I messed it up like this?!

You see, you can't rely on the software to, like, double click the layout so it will fit exactly on the page. I had an experience last time (on my 4th book) where I have to ask the lady to allow me to move each layouts on each pages (which was 98 pages plus the front and back cover) just so I can be sure that the division of the layouts for their left and right bleeds are fair. Because on my 3rd photobook, I was a bit disappointed with some of the pages. That's why I made my own page format on my pse. Wherein I make use of a margin for each layouts I make. Sigh. And man! That bottom area where you can choose scrapbook elements? That is not collapsible!! Ugh!

See here this double paged layout (I used a double paged template from Yin Designs) I made. I cropped the double page to be separated fairly. But look at what will happen if I will put them together on two pages. See how the parts of the two photo frames did not match accordingly? Yeah. That is going to be a big problem for me, and that is the reason I used their downloadable software for the first time. Just so I could be sure that the part of the frames which was on page one, will match with their parts with was on page 2.

With this issue, I think I might not be able to print my 5th book by January. Bummer.